The SureScreenTM

Foreground: a SureScreenTM;

Background: a SureScreenTM on a copper racking cane.

The SureScreenTM is a welded stainless steel screen that slips onto your racking cane or keg dip tube and filters out fruit or dry hops from the fermenter or whole hops and trub from the kettle.

THE FINE PRINT: Do not allow SureScreenTM to contact bleach -- it may be damaged. It is not recommended that you use the SureScreenTM on a plastic racking tube (use copper or stainless steel tubing) since it can scratch the plastic tubing, possibly leading to infected batches. For the same reason, you should be careful to not scratch plastic fermenters with the SureScreenTM. A stainless steel hose clamp should be used to ensure that the screen does not fall off during use. After attaching to a keg dip tube or a small-diameter racking tube, the SureScreenTM will deform and will no longer fit on larger tubes. Pelletized hops have a tendency to clog the SureScreenTM -- it works far better with whole hops.

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